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Construction and pipe relining

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The mines are spending millions of rand per day/month/year to replace steel piping that have been subjected to the A.C.E. factor (Abrasion, Corrosion, Erosion).


In certain areas within weeks of installing new piping. Coupled to this is the cost of Down time, Production, Labour, Water etc, and more important the Down time and cost incurred when there are injuries and fatalities. It is now time to invest in a long lasting and sometime permanent solution.

Benefits of pipe reliningImage 1

  • Pipe relining can be installed on site and in situ
  • Cost effective pipe relining
  • Increased life span of pipes
  • In vertical and horizontal applications of relining pipes
  • Jodaline can be installed in old piping, it is cheaper than replacing with steel pipe
  • Overland and underground pipe relining applications
  • Refurbishment of secondhand piping
  • Jodaline can be installed in used piping
  • Jodaline offers the best of both worlds when encased in steel, the inherent strength of the steel and the excellent resistance of polymer to the A.C.E. (Abrasion, Corrosion and Erosion) factor
  • No gaskets required

Typical Applications of Jodaline pipe relining:Image 2

  • Water pipe lines
  • Air pipe lines
  • Overland pipe lines
  • Slurry pipe lines
  • Underground pipe lines 
  • Tailing pipe lines
  • Shaft pipe columns
  • Return water pipe lines
  • Mud pipe columns
  • Tailings pipe lines
  • Effluent water pipe lines
  • Slime pipe lines
  • Sewerage pipe lines

Jodaline pipe lining industries:Image 3

  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Civil
  • Engineering
  • Power and generating
  • Water reticulation
  • Petrochemical