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Bongata Construction is a qualified construction company with the essential keys for success that is quickly developing into a high demand professional construction company.  We strive for perfection and are dedicated to good standards and results.

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Steel Construction Allandale

Bongata Construction specialise in the design, manufacture and erection as well as post-erection quality control inspection of all structural steelwork in Allandale.

Our category of expertise is steel construction and re-lining of pipes in Allandale. Bongata Construction has been in the steel construction and re-lining industry for many years.  Over these years we’ve build up our experience and skills to be where we are today.

We strive to keep our clients in Allandale satisfied with our fast and most sufficient service to minimize any inconvenience of losses that may occur.  One of our strong points are our after duty professionalism, because our job don’t stop until the client is 100% satisfied in Allandale.

We are very safety conscious in Allandale and always work in line with the Construction Health and Safety Manual to ensure a safe working environment.  We see no task to big or too small.  We also do construction according to our client’s needs and specifications.

Bongata Construction is a strong competitor to be dealt within the steel construction and re-lining of pipes business. We have the passion and skills to deliver only the best service.

Groundworks Allandale

Bongata Construction strive to provide a competitive groundwork asolutions for all our clients in Allandale needs through unrivalled execution of groundwork contracts including infrastructure, sub-structure, foundations, drainage and external works in Allandale.